Dear companies,
Before our summer break, we decided to remind you how important it is for a firm to adapt to changes and be high-performing, especially in our highly competitive today’s world.
Mentoring relies on a professional and personal relationship between an employee (the mentee) and his or her manager (the mentor) who is generally more experienced.
This process of development usually lasts around twelve months – a rather long period of time for the mentor to highlight the mentorees’ knowledge, skills, know-how and behaviours to improve them thanks to his experience and personal expertise. The mentoree should play an active part as well to become as autonomous as possible in mobilizing his/her own resources and solutions to achieve better results.
Dear companies, thanks to mentoring, you will be able to instore a better atmosphere among your colleagues, a reciprocal trust, a mutual engagement of mentorees and mentors and a real share of skills and knowledge which can definitely boost careers of both parts.
We invite you to consider mentoring as an efficient tool to lead a change, to increase people’s competences and good will to succeed and to involve in a firm, to make the integration of newcomer easier, all that in a benevolent frame.Sources: Avenir RH, le magazine de l’innovation par les ECPA