Valuing professional mobility is now integrated into HR practices within the food chain sector (agriculture – machinery – agri-food – hotel and catering). Companies see it as an opportunity to optimize their performance by promoting the upskilling of employees and candidates. Thanks to mobility, it is possible to offer multiple gateways, from one site to another, from one region to another, or even internationally.

La mobilité professionnelle

Internal mobility offers employees the opportunity to grow within the organization or sector with a career perspective. It’s definitely a career accelerator… and a very valuable retention factor for the company in these times when talent retention is a top priority. For candidates and collaborators, the gateways allow them to progress more quickly according to their aspirations.

Both companies and employees can benefit from internal mobility. Internal recruitment is:

  • Less risky
  • More reliable
  • Faster
  • Cheaper

In addition, the adaptation time, shorter, does not require on-boarding because the candidate is already in the company, which allows a faster operational position. Internal mobility also makes it possible to improve employees’ sense of belonging and therefore to retain them over the long term.

Alors, comment favoriser la mobilité interne auprès des employés ? Dans 70% des cas, elle est à l’initiative du salarié, aussi il est important de stimuler cette disposition de différentes façons :

  • Adapter la trame des entretiens annuels, ce sont des moments privilégier pour échanger sur ses aspirations professionnelles
  • Annoncer les postes ouverts via les outils de communication interne comme un blog d’entreprise ou un jobboard
  • Organiser des events internes en ligne ou en présentiel si plusieurs postes sont à pourvoir en simultanée
  • Organiser des « vis ma vie » pour permettre aux personnes intéressées par la mobilité de découvrir un autre métier, un autre site, ou un autre service

So how do you foster internal mobility among employees? In 70% of cases, it is at the initiative of the employee, so it is important to stimulate this disposition in different ways:

  • Adapting the frame of the annual interviews, these are privileged moments to discuss your professional aspirations
  • Announce open positions via internal communication tools such as a company blog or a job board
  • Organize internal events online or face-to-face if several positions are to be filled simultaneously
  • Organize “live my life” to allow people interested in mobility to discover another job, another site, or another service

Internal mobility is a great tool for building loyalty on the one hand, and for achieving the professional aspirations of teams on the other.