Synectics is a method to solve problems with creativity while associoating heterogenous elements in order to make “insolite more familiar”.

The principle consists in transferring a situation in another field of application in order to have a new vision from it, to think out of the box and to generate new ideas.

When applied to recruitment, synectics opens up new possibilities. Identifying analogies helps to think about jobs and sectors unknown by now, while emphasizing knowledge and skills gained during past experiences.

This is a peculiarly precious approach as candidates are – for some vacancies- very scare or not keen to move.

Recruiters have thus no choice but to open new windows and bring fresh perspectives and practices to the relative sectors.

Why not just build up new bridges between sectors and some jobs to bring a second wind in terms of expertise, skills and cultures to the company?

This is what our consultancy offers, as it has a real knowledge of the sector and jobs. This offers consequently openness and innovative targets.

Indeed, identifying similarities between technical expertises, common values and cultures in 2 different sectors requires a solid knowledge of the recruitment environments.

We have achieved that thanks to a constructive and regular exchange with teams (operational, Board, HR) in order to understand strategy, objectives, values and markets of expertise.

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