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February 2020

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LeaderIA International Search – 2009 – 2019 : 10 years building bridges


In 2009, after two successful experiences working for leading manufacturers and a first step as an Executive Search & Selection consultant, Louis-Simon Faure created LeaderIA. His goal in creating this consultancy was to make sense of [...]

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Focus on the family companies – what you need to know when working with or within a family company


My father is the Head of the company, my mum is his secretary. My little brother is in charge of production, my uncle of the R&D and quality as work in the sales department. Last [...]

April 2016

China, the things to know before sending a French employee in a Chinese company.


Cross-cultural differences in firms vary from a country to another one. France and China are definitely interesting to compare because of their ways of running companies, often due to cultural reasons. The hierarchical structure of [...]

November 2015

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LeaderIA in Anuga, a famous fair trade in Cologn, Germany

Industries agricoles et agroalimentaires|

Professional fair trades are extremely important for us, recuiters. We often take part to some of these most famous events specialized in our field of activity. For example, we regularly attend to the Batimat, Midest, [...]