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March 2019

LeaderIA International Search – 2009 – 2019 : 10 years building bridges


In 2009, after two successful experiences working for leading manufacturers and a first step as an Executive Search & Selection consultant, Louis-Simon Faure created LeaderIA. His goal in creating this consultancy was to make sense of [...]

September 2018

LeaderIA // After a fascinating visit at Google’s Dublin head office, LeaderIA’s team wishes you a great fall


LeaderIA’s team gathered in Dublin for its end-of-summer seminar. We were welcomed at Google’s EMEA head office by Marie Fenard, Director of Inside Sales Cloud France. Our team was particularly impressed by the subtle balance [...]

July 2016

May 2016

Focus on the family companies – what you need to know when working with or within a family company


My father is the Head of the company, my mum is his secretary. My little brother is in charge of production, my uncle of the R&D and quality as work in the sales department. Last [...]

April 2016

China, the things to know before sending a French employee in a Chinese company.


Cross-cultural differences in firms vary from a country to another one. France and China are definitely interesting to compare because of their ways of running companies, often due to cultural reasons. The hierarchical structure of [...]

November 2015

October 2015

September 2015