Fast moving and consumer goods

Head of wine department – Distribution – Region of Paris

We work here for the leader of French networks of drinks for the out-of-home restauration. In this sector, competition is fierce.

We are looking for someone with a minimum experience of 10 years in the wine sector, and with a management experience which enables him/her to improve the team’s skills and to win the confidence of adherents.

The stakes of the recruitment are strong: the wine category is significant for the company because it brings a differentiating feature in terms of services dedicated to all clients and adherents.


Out-of-home Key account – Cleaning products – Region of Paris

Our core of business is fast and non-food consumer goods within the French subsidiary of a German group with a considerable growth. Its brands are known on the global stage.

Our key account has a solid experience in national negotiation and a position of expert in order to work as a relevant business partner considering the reality of the market. He/she works as a “Swiss Army knife”.

The person plays a key role in the definition of the business policy of the company. We had to find an autonomous key account in terms of negotiation especially to support with reliability the National Sales Director. To develop a significant volume of business by increasing customer loyalty is the fundamental stake of the recruitment.


Category manager – Perfumery – Region of Paris

Our client’s brands are familiar to each of us, whether they belong to the agrofood, cleaning products, perfumery or bazar industry. The company reaches a turnover of 2 billion euros in France.

For this project, we are looking for a catman able to fight, to suggest ideas to his/her team and to resist to pressure, with validated experiences as a negotiator and with solid knowledge in marketing. The position has a great potential for promotion.

For our client with the DNA of a collaborative and multi-skilled SME, we had to find an employee who could strongly contribute to develop his/her client portfolio, broaden ranges, promotion and merchandising without forgetting to take part in national negotiations.

Agriculture and agri-food industries

Head of project R&D – Agrofood industry – Region of Bordeaux

As a leader in the distribution sector thanks to its bakery and frozen products and thanks to the support of a major French group on the agrofood market, Read more…

Technical industries

Head of production – Machining and high technology – Center of France

A technical expert position on a niche market with scarce and extremely specific skills. We are recruiting for a key company in the world of design Read more…

Life sciences

Multi-site plant Manager – Technical expert – Petfood – West of France

We are here working on a position in the upfront of the agrofood industry, in the dairy sector with drying and formulation processes. Read more…