Ethics is for us a very important issue that, as a recruiting firm, we try to enforce and respect every single day. We are working with human beings and we are focusing our attention to ethics and our responsibility as professionnals of recruitment.


Basically, when accepting to work for a client, we do our best to understand their environment and their needs to then find the right candidate. This is our engagement towards our client. Then, to identify the proper candidate, we pay attention to every single received application, without discrimination for ethny, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. We select our candidate only regarding their technical knowledge and skills, never in relation to the above-mentioned elements.


In our every day working life, we never ask private questions if they do not have any link with professionals purposes and do not look for information about the candidate in non-professionals sources (such as Facebook). This does not mean that private issues cannot be mentioned during the job interview but only if necessary to understand if the candidate can match to the job. For example, the family situation is very important when a relocation is involved by a new position. A candidate who accepts to move into a rural city as he has a wife – especially if she also has a job- and children already going to school, is exposed to more difficulties than a candidate without family in charge. This definitely matters to select a candidate, in anticipation to future problems and this is part of our job to take it into account.


As another example, in a firm where men outnumber women, it might be harder for a newly hired woman to find her place, especially if she has a managing role. This can not be taken, of course, as a discriminatory factor, but this has to be taken into account in our choice.


To conclude, as signatary of the Charter of Diversity, we do respect ethics and this does not mean that we should be blind to some private situations when carrying out a recruiting process.