Agriculture and agri-food industries

Head of project R&D – Agrofood industry – Region of Bordeaux

As a leader in the distribution sector thanks to its bakery and frozen products and thanks to the support of a major French group on the agrofood market, our client asked us to look for a R&D Project Manager. This recruitment comes with the opening of its new plant dedicated to catering for hypermarkets and supermarkets and out-of-home restauration.

The difficulty is to find a very creative person who can design new recipes for an industrial company while being perfectly aware of quality standards.

To create a new range of mignardises in order to distinguish from competitors was required. The capacity to anticipate new culinary trends and to concretize them thanks to the help of the marketing department and the chefs and thus increase the company’s turnover were the main stakes of the recruitment.


Director of Operations – Agriculture industry – Region of Reims

Let’s change sectors and focus on the cooperative area with a very strong territorial anchorage: our client is a cereal specialist, a miller and a reference on the European market. Its coop members are also shareholders, which changes everything when it comes to making decisions, especially changing the company’s strategy.

LeaderIA was in charge of finding a Chief Operating Officer to help the structure to lead a change in the company.

Beyond these significant stakes, we had to recruit a person able to establish a logistic bridge between all the companies of the group, to manage the structure’s logistic investments and to lead the employees to trust the structural and organizational changes.


Business Unit Manager – Agrofood industry ingredients – Brittany

We are here at upstream processes of the agrofood industry: ingredients. We are recruiting on a very specific business which requires a strongly sharped knowledge: aquaculture. Our regular presence on specialized fair trades such as Vitafood or HIE, etc… allowed us to develop our network of expert candidates in a significant manner.

The applicant has to have an international vision because the team is multicultural, and be able to federate the employees by combining all the backgrounds and ways of communication to create emulsion. He/she is an entrepreneur, specialized in business development. His/her solid knowledge in feed and fish feed markets / the marine field is a necessity which is not easy to find.

The recruiting comes with a great challenge as the business unit has to reach a turnover of 50 million euros in developing a business strategy customized to its activity, in defining adapted solutions for aquafood and food industry in general in order to create added value for markets, and in building key partnerships.

Fast moving and consumer goods

Head of wine department – Distribution – Region of Paris

We work here for the leader of French networks of drinks for the out-of-home restauration. In this sector, competition is fierce. Read more…

Technical industries

Head of production – Machining and high technology – Center of France

A technical expert position on a niche market with scarce and extremely specific skills. We are recruiting for a key company in the world of design Read more…

Life sciences

Multi-site plant Manager – Technical expert – Petfood – West of France

We are here working on a position in the upfront of the agrofood industry, in the dairy sector with drying and formulation processes. Read more…